New Media Telcard

Imagine being able to save up to 62% on long distance phone charges. Being able to access Stocks, Weather, and Sports updates. With no activation fee, no card charge, and no credit check (The card can be recharged by personal check as well as major credit cards).

Allow us to introduce the New Media Phone Card. The lowest per minute charge for long distance anywhere, with the lowest cost of any pre-paid telecard, anytime, without having to meet usage minimums. And best of all it's totally FREE! With no obligation, no sales pitch, and without winding up on a mailing list!

New Media Telecard Benefits:

Ten reasons to use New Media's card.

  1. No more unexpected long distance charges.
  2. No more access charges.
  3. Same per minute rate, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter where you call anywhere in the United States.
  4. Save money on long distance.
  5. Save money on operated-assisted calls.
  6. Save money on pay phone calls.
  7. Recharge your card from any touch-tone phone with any major credit card, or recharge directly through NMTI with a check or money order.
  8. No more expensive hotel phone charges.
  9. Access a world of information services.
  10. Re-dial callers can make multiple calls without disconnecting by simply pressing the star key.

Find out how the New Media telecard can help in the following areas:

Personal Applications

Use the New Media Telecard for the following:

Business Applications

Military Personel

Can be used as a constructive tool for the following:

And best of all, IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!

Order your New Media Telecard today and start saving on long distance charges.

Get yours and start saving today.

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